Yoga for Pregnant Women


Yoga for Pregnant Women

Prenatal yoga works out the perfect decision for all you pregnant women. This can definitely instill a feeling of calm and peace during the stressful nine months.  You need to be aware that practicing yoga can also ensure good health for the baby and prepare you for labor. Before deciding on this prenatal yoga it is advisable to get a clear understanding of the many benefits it offers.

  • Your body experiences change at an accelerated pace during pregnancy. The adjustments required might get tough. The prenatal yoga is designed specifically to support these changes and help a pregnant woman to strengthen their body and stretch the muscles in the perfect manner.
  • With prenatal yoga you can trust your body to go through the labor pain with ease. A pregnant woman needs to be calm when going through labor as this can lead to ‘easy’ labor. This is what prenatal can help you with.
  • Many women go through different types of discomforts during pregnancy. This can be nausea, headaches, lower back pain shortness of breath and insomnia. The deep breathing practices during prenatal yoga can help you get some relief from all these discomforts and can also provide your baby with the oxygen so needed.

Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women:

  1. Child Pose:

This pose is termed as a ‘hip-opening’ move which delivers a full-body, low-impact stretch. Get into the kneeling position and placing the knees to the sides of the yoga mat with the toes behind you. For pregnant women, you can use two yoga blocks and a pillow to protect the hips and the lower back.

  1. Malasana Squat Pose:
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This malasana squat pose can help you open the hips for childbirth and can also help you relax. Stand with your feet wider than your hips with the toes turned on the outside and all the corners of your feet on the ground. Pregnant women need to sit on a yoga block instead of hovering around the mat.

  1. Cat-Cow Pose:

This pose is helpful in loosening of the spine and engaging the core. A cat-cow pose for normal women is done by placing the shoulders over your wrists and the hips over the knees in a neutral tabletop on fours. Pregnant women need to place a block between their shins and squeeze it together when they come to the position of a tabletop. This engages the pelvic floor and also strengthens the pelvic muscles and the lower back muscles.

Prenatal yoga is considered to be one of the most powerful tools to make the most of your pregnancy and prepare you for the upcoming role of a mother. This practice of yoga tends to change with the progress of pregnancy. There is an increase of the benefits offered. One of the most important benefits of prenatal yoga is that the labor is an easy process as this strengthens not only the pelvic floor but also the other muscles. Finally, you will come across many ‘moms-to-be’ which is definitely a mood-booster.

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