High Protein Sprouts And Paneer Salad To Your Weight Loss Diet


Weight Loss Diet:

Sprouts are considered to be power houses of nutrition. Consumption of sprouts offers a whole range of benefits besides aiding in the required weight loss.  You have a wide choice of sprouts and can eat the one which you prefer. These sprouts are seeds which are germinated. This process of germination begins when you soak the seeds in water for multiple hours. These soaked seeds need to be exposed to the right temperature and the right amount of moisture for it to germinate. You can choose between the pea and bean sprouts, sprouted grains, seeds ad nuts sprouts or even vegetables sprouts.

Health Benefits with Sprouts:

As mentioned, consumption of sprouts offers multiple health benefits.

  1. Digestion improved:

Sprouts work perfect for digestion due to the high content of fiber. Germination increases the content of not only fiber but also proteins. Germination of kernels of wheat teds to increase the soluble fiber to nearly three times. Broccoli sprouts work as antioxidants and offer protection to the colon.

  1. Blood Sugar Control:

The sulfuraphane in broccoli sprouts can improve the control on glucose in patients. These can also improve the insulin resistance in patients with Type 2 diabetes.

  1. Boost Immunity:

The immune system is boosted with the consumption of broccoli sprouts. The presence of choline ensures appropriate working of the cells.

  1. Heart Protection:

Research has proved the sprouts consumed on a regular basis can bring down the level of bad cholesterol. Chickpea sprouts are perfect for cardiovascular health as these contain phytoestrogens which can improve the fatty changes.

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Different Types of Sprouts:

You have a wide range of sprouts you can choose from.

*Wheat sprouts

Wheat sprouts are got after sprouting the wheat seeds. There are high in protein and a good source of Vitamins E, B and C. As mentioned, wheat sprouts are beneficial for keeping the blood sugar level in check.

*Mung bean Sprouts:

Mung, the green legume, offer maximum benefits. These have a high content of proteins and are most popular.

*Gram Sprouts:

For the required dose of Vitamin K, you need to consume black gram sprouts. This can also prevent any zinc deficiency. For leveling of the cholesterol you need to consume horse gram sprouts. This can also help you with any constipation problems.

*Fenugreek Sprouts:

Fenugreek sprouts offer nutrients like proteins, iron and fiber. The blood sugar levels are in control with the consumption of these sprouts. These also work well for detoxification.

Sprouts are definitely healthy but you need to ensure you use only clean water to soak. Besides the initial period of soaking, sprouts need to be kept moist but make sure there is no standing water in the utensil used for soaking. The sprouts need to be rinsed every 12 hours so that you can ensure cleanliness with good health.

Humidity and hot climate need to be tackled in a way so that there is no breeding of any bacteria. The seeds need to be kept dry when storing.

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