Healthy Diet: Protein-Rich 2-Bean And Chicken Soup


Healthy Diet: Protein-Rich 2-Bean And Chicken Soup

Beans are considered to be one of the best sources of protein which is plant-based. 100 grams of beans offers you almost 21 grams of proteins and potassium, which is an essential requirement for the health of the heart. You have a choice between different types of beans but these definitely need to be cooked well for the benefits. Some of the health benefits offered by beans are listed below.

*Source of Proteins:

Protein is an important nutrient for the body to function well. Beans are high in the building blocks of proteins, amino acids. Soybeans are the only bean which offers all the nine amino acids required by the human body. Incomplete proteins need to be combined with grains, seeds, nuts or dairy.


With the presence of antioxidants in beans you are able to fight the free radicals damaging your body. This can decrease the risk of inflammation and also cancer.

*Weight loss:

Consuming beans can be helpful in your weight loss program as these can keep you full for a longer period of time in a healthy manner. You are spared of unnecessary hunger cravings and supplied with all the required energy.

*Control in Diabetes:

The balance of proteins and complex carbohydrates present in beans tends to provide a steady and slow flow of the required glucose instead of the sudden surge that tends to take place when you consume simple carbohydrates. These are considered as one of the most ‘ideal’ food for those suffering from diabetes.

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*Cholesterol Level:

The blood cholesterol level in your body is kept under control with the intake of beans as these provide soluble fiber. You can bring down cholesterol levels by nearly 5 percent when you consume only 10 grams of beans. The presence of phytosterols and saponins also play an important role in controlling the levels of cholesterol.

*Presence of Fiber:

The fiber present in beans can help in regulating the bowel movements. This can also prevent specific types of cancers in the digestive system.

Adding Beans to Diet:

Before cooking any type of beans, it is important that you wash them thoroughly. You need to remove any beans which are shriveled or discolored. You can cook beans by boiling these with the seasoning of your choice and simmer them for some time before you eat them.

Canned beans can be used straight away as these are pre-cooked. Some tips for adding beans to your regular diet are as follows.

  1. Chilled beans salads can be eaten along with a combination of other vegetables or even plain with some salt and line-juice.
  2. You can add beans to different soups instead of meat. You can also add these to different casseroles and pasta dishes.
  3. Adding grains to beans can turn the meal to a complete protein meal.

It is important to consult a doctor if you are allergic to any sort of beans. This can be a little risky. There are many beans which cannot be eaten raw as this can cause severe food poisoning. A little caution and knowledge is important so that you can avail the maximum benefits of beans.

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