Diets to avoid for the Apt Weight Loss


Weight Loss: There are multiple people globally looking for apt diets for weight loss. You have multiple options available with a whole lot of diets. There are few diets which can cause more harm than good. These can, probably, help in losing weight but cal lead to different health problems. Weight loss is a time consuming procedure and requires patience and effort. There are specific diets which seem to ensure that you do not reach your goal of fitness. It is advisable to seek help from qualified professionals for that apt diet which can fulfill your requirement.

Some diets to avoid:

  1. The General Motor diet (GM):

This diet was developed by a vehicle company and does not account for any type of micro-nutrients or calories. This is divided into a time period of seven days which specify what food you can consume. Like, on the 1st day you are required to eat only fruits except banana, on the 2nd day you need to have only vegetables which can be either raw or even cooked, on the 3rd day, you are to eat fruits and vegetables but no bananas and potatoes, on the 4th day you are to consume only milk and bananas, on the 5th day you need to consume 2 , 284 grams of fish, chicken or beef. On the 5th day, vegetarians have the choice of consuming cottage cheese or brown rice instead of the meat.

On the 6th day, you need to repeat what you have eaten on day five and on the 7th day; you need to consume fruits, fruit juices and brown rice.

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This diet does not include fats and proteins which are definitely essentials for the smooth functioning. As this diet can lead to loss of muscle you tend to feel miserable. This is no diet for that ‘healthy’ weight loss.

  1. Paleo Diet:

This weight loss diet seems to follow the diet of your ancestors. There is no way this is considered healthy as you need to be aware that times were different and your ancestors followed a diet which was suitable to the location and environment. This diet consists of nuts, meat, fruits and leafy vegetables and can definitely be expensive.

  1. No sugar and Salt diet and Boiled Food diet:

Eating only boiled food sans any salt and sugar can help you lose weight but in the long run, you tend to shy away from all types of food as this diet tends to put you off food.

It has been proved over a period of time that a ‘healthy’ diet is a fine balance in everything consumed. You tend to gain weight only if you eat more than you can burn. Following a strict diet which does not cater to the taste requirement is a waste of time and energy.

You need to get a clear picture of what type of food works for you and what does not. Your body is the perfect teacher. You go off food which is not suitable to your system. This comes with time. Observe what specific types of food do to your digestive system and make a choice accordingly.

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