What is the best home remedy for dry hair?


Best home remedy for dry hair: Winter is long gone but you find many yet suffering from its impact with dry skin and dry hair. As known, hair is considered as the ‘crowning glory’ and dry hair tends to spoil the overall look of a person. To add to this, there are no make-up tricks for hair. The best way out is to get some knowledge how to take care of this with minimum time and effort spent. Using natural ingredients is considered as one of the best options available. Besides boosting the immunity and treating the common cold, mustard oil offers the required nourishment for the hair. The Omega-3 fatty acid present in this oil is apt for stimulating the growth of hair.

Hair Mask with Mustard Oil:

You need to mix yogurt with mustard oil in a bowl and apply this to your scalp. Soak a fresh towel in warm water and wrap this around your hair, but only after you have wringed it thoroughly. Remove the towel after around 30 to 40 minutes and wash your hair with a shampoo considered ‘mild’.

Regular Massage with Mustard Oil:

A regular massage to your hair with the mustard oil provides the apt nourishment your hair requires. This oil offers a bounce and shine to your hair to give it the perfect look. This is a ‘sure’ way to get long and healthy hair.

Benefits of using Mustard Oil for Hair:

As compared to the many types of oils available for hair, mustard oil tends to offer maximum benefits. You need to be aware that this oil is also known as sarson ka tel. Listed below are some of the benefits offered by this oil.

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  1. Conditions the Hair:

Mustard oil is considered as one of the best conditioners as this contain ample amount of the essential fatty acid. This hydrating helps in the growth and also helps in getting thick hair.

  1. Vitamins, Minerals and Anti-oxidants:

Besides having the essential vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E and vitamin K, mustard oil has a lot of anti-oxidants and also minerals. This oil is an affluent source of selenium, beta-carotene and zinc. The beta-carotene tends to directly convert into Vitamin A is apt for the growth of hair. Using this oil on a regular basis tends to fulfill the demand for zinc. It is known that any deficiency of zinc can lead to hair fall.

  1. Apt Nourishment:

The hair follicles are nourished with regular use of mustard oil. Hair follicles can get unhealthy if regular nourishment is not provided. This deficiency can be fulfilled with regular massaging with this oil.

Tips for using Mustard Oil:

Apt use of this mustard oil for hair can spare you from almost hair problems. It is important that you thoroughly wash your hair before you step out of the house. Oily hair can attract dust and grime. It is advisable to use mustard oil on your hair not every day, but thrice a week.

Following the above tips can help you get that long and lustrous hair you have been wishing for.

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