Skincare Tips: Benefits Drinking Green Tea


Skincare Tips: Benefits Drinking Green Tea:

Tea is one beverage which is enjoyed by most people. There are many who cannot do without this beverage. There are different types of teas available depending on the location you reside in. Tea differentiates according to the processing level, the climate this is manufactured in and also the season the harvest of the leaves takes place. Those looking to cut down on the intake of caffeine now have a choice of the tea infused with fruits. Concoctions which are prepared by boiling a number of herbs, spices or any other part of the plant are ‘herbal’ teas.

Tea infused with fruits:

Tea which is infused with fruits or even herbs is totally free of any caffeine. These teas are full of flavor and natural besides being healthy. There is no sugar added and these are also not as intense as the squash available.

Reasons for choosing Infused tea:

Switching over to tea infused with fruits offers multiple benefits.

  1. Fruit infused tea can be had either hot or even cold, depending on your preference. This is definitely healthier as compared to the normal tea with caffeine.
  2. This fruit infused tea is not too sweet as there is no addition of sugar. You are provided with the original flavor of the herbs and fruits you use to make this tea.
  3. You have a wide choice of different flavors and thus can choose the one which tickles your taste-buds.
  4. You can decide on a specific tea which helps you control the insulin level or probably the one which is perfect for weight loss.
  5. This tea can help in different digestive problems.
  6. You can look forward to good quality sleep as some of these teas help in fighting insomnia.
  7. The presence of flavones can help in boosting the health of the heart due to the antioxidant properties.
  8. You can use honey instead of sugar in this tea, which is a healthier choice.
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*Apple or Raspberry Fruit tea:

You sip away to better health when you make a choice of raspberry or apple infused tea as this tea is full of antioxidants, vitamins and different minerals. This offers a double benefit as it strengthens your bones. All you need to do is steep fresh fruit in warm water and enjoy the natural flavor.

*Black Currant tea:

This infusion tea smells like fresh berries and has a violet color. They have properties which can prevent cancer and also boost the immune system.

*Mango Tea:

Mango infusion tea is termed as ‘perfect’ as evening tea with the different vitamins and sweet taste. This can lower blood pressure to a large extent.

*Cherry Stalk Tea:

Tea infused with the cherry stalk is anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing.

You need to be aware that these fruit infusions can detoxify your system totally. Cutting down on different types of junk food and alcohol and having one or two cups of teas infused with fruits can be beneficial for detoxification.

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