Save India, Save Water


Save India, Save Water

Disaster has struck and the scarcity of water has taken a turn for the worst. Do we not realize the consequences of wasting water? Look around and you find most of us wasting water in many ways. Taps are left on unnecessarily, buckets and buckets of water are used for washing clothes and so on. It is a known fact, taking nature for granted has its own severe consequences, and this I what is happening. There are wells, lakes, rivers and other water-beds running dry. Even after facing acute shortage of water, people around have not understood the magnitude of this problem.

Go through some of the points listed out to realize the importance of water. This might be a turning point for us and help us save water for tomorrow, for the next generation, for our children.

Here we talk about water and important uses of water.

  1. Water minimizes the effect of droughts:

Each day passing by means there is additional need for fresh water due to the ever increasing population and the growth in industry. Water returns to the Earth with the water cycle but does not return to the same spot or in the same amount. Reducing the water we use can help in saving you from future droughts.

  1. Water for irrigation:

Irrigation is not possible without water, which means, there is no way you can get your daily food if there is a big scarcity of water at anytime in the future. Saving water and ensuring there is no wastage can help in growing the required crops on time. The farmers do not suffer.

  1. Drinking water:

This is a known fact that not drinking water can lead you to wither away. There is no way a human being can survive without drinking water. Every time you are leaving that tap open, think of the future where there will be no drinking water available. Save water to save the people of India.

  1. Water for Safe Communities:

Hospitals, firefighters, gas stations, health clubs, gyms and restaurants a, all need water to provide the essential services to the community. These services can continue only if we take water saving seriously. Imagine the life you will lead without the above mentioned services. All these are important for survival.

  1. Saving energy:

Saving water is saving energy. I am not asking you to think for the whole world, think only of yourself, be selfish. Saving water helps you save energy which can help you save some money. There is a lot of energy required for pumping water from one place to another. Using water sparingly can bring down the cost.

Take the initiative and also educate those around you on the importance of water. Think of the future generations, which also include your children. It is our duty to try to chart out a comfortable life for our future generations and this can be done by taking a small step of ensuring there is no wastage of water in our home or even the neighbor’s home.

Save India, Save Water

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