How to Choose the Blood Sugar Monitor for Your Diabetic Health


When it comes to choosing a blood sugar monitor, you should know the basics of how they work. Most blood glucose monitors work on the same principle – you have to insert the test strip in the device, prick a clean fingertip with a lancet to collect the sample, and touch the test strip carefully to the blood and wait for the reading to be seen on screen.

Generally, blood sugar monitoring is accurate with these devices. They are of different types and they come with different features. Here’s what to consider when choosing a monitor for your healthy blood sugar -

  • Insurance – You should get proper coverage details from your insurance provider. Some of the providers limit the coverage to particular models or to limit the number of strips.
  • Easy to Maintain – Some monitors are more user friendly as compared to others. Both the test strips and meters are easy to hold and comfortable. Make sure you can easily check the readings on the screen. It should be simple to collect the blood on the strips. How large a drop of blood should be?
  • Cost – The cost varies from meter to meter. Also, consider the cost of test strips.
  • Special Features – You also have to ask about the features to find out what meets your needs. Some of the special features are easy to handle, large buttons, test strips, audio, and illuminated screens, which may be helpful for those with impaired vision.
  • Storage – Find out how it stores and collects information. Some meters can easily track the information you write in a log, such as a date and time of test, trends, and the results with time. Some of the meters are also able to download blood sugar readings to your mobile device or PC and email the results to your healthcare provider.
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The Do’s and Don’ts in Diabetes Care and Management

If you have recently diagnosed with diabetes, don’t panic! These tips will ease your life and help you better care for yourself.

Understand the Basics First

First of all, get proper insight on the major causes of diabetes, how to manage it, and how to avoid the health problems related to it. Ask the doctor for a complete inspection of your health condition, or schedule some time with a certified diabetes expert.

Learn the Effects of Blood Sugar Levels

This way, you need to do proper blood sugar monitoring with blood sugar test kits. Also note down what you eat, when you exercise, and how stressful the day was. Spot the patterns with these notes and share the same with your doctor. Have you noticed the surgeon's blood sugar in the morning? Do you eat frequently during the day or go for several hours between the meals? Do you notice a huge spike after an evening snack? With these details, you can ensure healthy blood sugar without much ado, and help your doctor to better prepare your plan for diabetes care with ease.


Get help from your friends, family, behavioral health counselor, or a health coach to improve your conditions and keep track of your diabetes. Also, ask about the local support groups from your diabetes educator or doctor on where to find people and why they can relate to. You may also find a mental health professional to sort through the emotions you may be having since you have been diagnosed with diabetes.

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Rely on All the Information Online – Stick to the reliable sites that have claims from evidence-based research, while looking for information on the web.

Go with a Bandwagon Diet – Extreme weight loss diets or to manage blood sugar can be threatening, especially when they remove all the nutrients like carbohydrates.

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