Diet Tips for a Healthy Heart


Diet Tips for a Healthy Heart

As known, heart diseases are known to cause almost one-third deaths worldwide. The best way you can take care of the heart is to ensure you make a choice of a diet which is considered ‘heart-healthy’. Specific foods can play a big role in controlling cholesterol, blood pressure and even inflammation, all of which can lead to a heart attack. This diet needs to be rich in nutrients and devoid of any Tran’s fats along with less of salt. It is easy to follow this ‘heart-healthy’ diet by following some of the tips listed below.

  1. Vegetables and ‘more’ vegetables:

Vegetables can be considered as one of the most important part of a diet when you are looking for a healthy heart. Besides the anti oxidants present in these, you are also benefitted with all the fiber. This works as a protection for the heart against the free radicals. Another benefit with the maximum intake of vegetables is that you can look for the required weight loss as these have few calories and can also keep you full for a longer period of time.

The magnesium and potassium present in the vegetables can only add to the benefit for heart health. Vegetables can be consumed as salads, cooked or even as soups and juices.

  1. Legumes:

Legumes need to be included in your diet as these can control the blood sugar and the blood pressure. Legumes are a better choice for the required proteins as compared to the animal proteins due to this having fat content which is healthier and also lower. This is definitely a better choice for eliminating any risks for heart diseases. It is important to consume some sort of proteins with each meal so that the body requirement is catered to and you are full for a long period of time.

  1. Cereal Grains:
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Grains are the source of energy your body needs. It is advisable to choose the whole grains like whole wheat, ragi or jau. For the additional nutrition you can also choose traditional cereals like jowar, corn or bajra. For maximum benefits for the health of the heart you can choose oats. These play a role in controlling the levels of cholesterol. Grains are not only low in fats but also contain the required fiber.

  1. Seeds and Nuts:

Seeds and nuts are proteins which are plant based. These are essential when you are working towards a healthy heart. The heart health is looked after by the fiber, antioxidants and healthy fats present in the nuts and seeds.

  1. Fish, Poultry and Lean Meat:

For protein of high-quality you can make a choice of lean meat. Besides the proteins, this also provides iron, zinc and Vitamin , getting the fat trimmed makes lean meat all the healthier. It is advisable to bake or grill meat instead of the normal cooking.

For healthy muscles of the heart you need to add healthy dairy products like yogurt.

A little effort is all that is required to ensure a healthy heart.

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