Tips on Nutrition and Fitness


Fitness and nutrition are the two pillars of good health. This helps you in keeping diseases related to life-style at bay. Concentrating on the right type of nutrition can help you in your daily routine of exercise. You get the required stamina and energy to work out. The perfect nutrition combined with the right types of exercises can help you lead a healthy life without any problems. Unhealthy food habits lead to obesity, which is definitely a big risk for any individual. Here are some nutrition tips to help you lead a healthy life while working out.

  • Include Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates are termed as ‘essential’ as this offers the required energy not only for your daily work-outs but also for you day-to-day routine. You need to ensure you consume complex carbohydrates as these are slower to digest and can provide the required energy steadily. Stay away from refined carbs like sugary drinks, refined flour white bread, flavored yogurt and more. Including whole grains like brown rice, whole wheat, quinoa and bajra are anytime a better choice.

  • Include Proteins:

For the required muscle mass and strength it is important that you include proteins in your daily diet. This helps in restoring muscle tissues and also repairs those tissues which are damage due to strenuous exercising. You need to focus on protein of a biological quality through a diet which is natural. Including oats, whole wheat, lean meat, dairy, pulses, and eggs in your diet can help in the right intake of proteins.

  • Fuel before Exercise:

Exercising on an empty stomach does not work well. This is a myth. It is important to fuel your body for the work out. Any exercise which is intense can deplete the sources of fuel and you get drained off. All you need to do is make sure you consume the right quantity of the right food before working out. One option for a pre-workout meal is consuming a banana. You can also munch on dry fruits.

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  • Vegetables and Fruits:

Including most of the different colored vegetables and fruits in your diet is one way of ensuring you consume a healthy meal. Different fruits and vegetables offer a whole lot of minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and the other required nutrients. Consume vegetables in the form of salads or soups and fruits can be had raw or you can juice these. You can also include fruits in different smoothies.

  • Recovery after Workouts:

Make sure you eat some food after a workout as this can help in the recovery process. After an exercise regime you can plan on a combination of foods which contain enough of proteins and carbohydrates. A whole wheat toast with peanut butter or probably smoothies made of oats and fruits can be considered as a healthy choice of food after exercise.

A healthy weight and the required nutrition ensure you are saved from multiple diseases related to life-style.   Small changes in your diet and a suitable workout routine offers that good health you are looking for.


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