Is curd good for weight loss?


Is curd good for weight loss:

Though diet and exercise does help in weight loss but you need to ensure you do not follow any diet blindly. If a specific diet is not suitable to your body-type the consequences can be severe. There are different types of sicknesses and other ailments which can create havoc in your system. You need to concentrate on a ‘nutritious’ and balanced’ diet for any weight loss. Besides this, exercise is also an essential requirement. Make sure you eliminate all types of junk food from your daily diet to get maximum results.

Snacks for Weight Loss:

Most people are not aware that snacking is a requirement for weight loss. Healthy and nutritious snacks can help you in boosting of energy. Curd can be an ‘ideal’ snack and there are different ways to consume this. You need to be aware that curd is rich in calcium, low in calories and is full of gut-friendly bacteria and proteins.

Besides the above, curd is a probiotic. The protein present in the curd can boost the recovery of muscle and maintain the muscle mass.

Benefits of eating Curds:

Consuming curd on a routine basis can offer multiple benefits. Listed below are few of these.

  1. Curd is known to bring down the level of cholesterol along with the blood pressure. With the calcium present in this, curd can work in the positive for the strengthening of the bones.
  2. With just a bowlful of curds added in your routine diet, you can lose almost 61% of body fat and also 22% of the body weight. This works better than following a diet of low calories with no calcium or proteins.
  3. Research has proved that curds, with the apt amount of calcium, keep the levels of BMI at levels considered ‘healthy’.
  4. The probiotics present in any dish made of curds tends to increase the metabolism and the functionality of the digestion.
  5. One ounce of curd contains almost 12 grams of protein and it is due to this presence of the protein, you feel satiated for a longer time. This is definitely important for any weight loss program.
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Tips on Curd Snacks:

Adding different toppings to the bowl of curs can offer the different tastes and flavors you would prefer.


Granola which is homemade, is enriched with antioxidants and fiber as this contains dried berries, nuts and toasted oats. Nuts offer the required Omega 3 fatty acids, healthy fats and additional proteins besides the magnesium, iron and phytonutrients.

*Fruit Mash:

You can ash all those seasonal fruits which you love and add this to the bowl of curds. This can be helpful in boosting the immunity and also cater to the health of the skin as this contains a lot of Vitamin C.


Adding vegetables is adding fiber to the bowl of curds. This can be topped with salt and pepper or even roasted cumin powder.

There are multiple choices for adding different toppings to the bowl of curds you add in your routine diet. All you need to ensure that these are nutritious and healthy.

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